Formations en sécurité laser

From Oct 23 to Oct 31 2023


1. Responsable en Sécurité Laser

This 17.5-hour online course is designed for laboratory managers and supervisors. The role of laser safety manager requires an understanding of the physics of laser beam propagation, an ability to assess risk, and knowledge of the best methods of protection for the context. Our training enables laser safety managers to perform many tasks such as planning laser safety programs, implementing best practices, ordering personal protective equipment and performing laser safety calculations. At the end of the training, participants will be equipped to deal with the responsibilities of a laser safety officer

Lieu: Online

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2. Sensibilisation en sécurité laser

This 7-hour training course is designed for operators of Class 3B lasers and 4. The fundamentals of laser safety will provide a good understanding of the health and safety issues associated with the use of laser equipment. Participants will be able to handle lasers safely at the end of the training.

Lieu: Online

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Jeux Photoniques - Photonics Games

Oct 30, 2023

Université Laval - Pavillon Optique-Photonique

Corinne Dumais

The Photonic Games are a friendly competition organized annually at Laval University, in Quebec, and dedicated to secondary 5 students. Their objective is to awaken students' interest in the science of photonics, through stimulating challenges. This competition is an opportunity for participants to use their resourcefulness, their creativity as well as their ability to communicate and work as a team.


Optonique will add 20% to sponsorship to this event from our members.



From Mar 04 to Mar 05 2024

Université Laval - Pavillon Alexandre Vachon

Optonique is proud to contribute to ProgFest as a distribution partner. In addition, in order to encourage the continuing education of our industry professionals, our member companies in the Quebec region will receive a 20% discount on their registration. Participants will receive a training certificate including 1.6 continuing education units (CEU).

What is ProgFest?
It is an educational activity that aims to provide programming knowledge and tools that will be useful to solve scientific problems, specifically related to the fields of physics and engineering physics.

The ProgFest will be held over two days, alternating between presentations by experts and hands-on workshops on various programming topics. Three levels will be offered: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The topics are varied, covering the basics of programming (object-oriented programming, unit testing), the use of programming for problem solving (differential equation simulations, image analysis, Monte Carlo calculations) and more advanced programming concepts (multiprocessing, network analysis, high performance computing). Throughout the day, you will be able to choose which presentations you attend. It will be possible to change freely from one level to another. 

In addition to the presentations and hands-on workshops, you will also have the chance to attend three keynote presentations, given by three speakers who will address participants of all levels.

Who can attend?
The number of participants will be limited to 150 people. The training is open to the following people:

- ULaval undergraduate and graduate students
- ULaval research professionals
- ULaval professors/researchers
- Employees of a company in the field of physics or engineering physics 

Participation fees
Undergraduate and graduate students: $20
ULaval research professionals: $20
ULaval professors/researchers: $20
Employees of a company in the field of physics or engineering physics: $200

Registration closes on February 25, 2024.

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